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Mitanin and Community Processes. The friend in need, a friend indeed. More than 60,000 women community health volunteers are working for the improvement of the health care system in Chhattisgarh

Fulwari is a creche for children in tribal blocks. It is run by Working Mothers with support from Mitanins. Children between 6 months and 3 years get a safe environment with a hot meal and tiffin
Health System Strengthening team helps prepare Policies and do Operational Studies for the Health Department
Campaigns are carried out under the Swasth Panchayat Yojana


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Air in Raipur

Apart from COPD, air pollution also raises risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes prevalence. Air pollution contributes to about 4-5% of diabetes cases in India.
 “Air pollution is an endocrine disruptor; it gets into the blood and impacts the hormones. It damages the beta cells in the pancreas that produces insulin...” said Dr Vishwanathan Mohan, lead author of the paper on diabetes in Lancet.  (India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative Diabetes ... the Global Burden .. Study 1990–2016. published in 2018. )
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Urban Emissions in Raipur can be seen at Open Sense (SHRC Indoors), at an international map or at Grafana 10 Cities data. Further data about SHRC outdoors is available and an older monitor is on its way to Korba. 
You can see a map of India with all Atmos data too

Significant Findings of Urban Emissions site
Modeled urban average ambient…

Urban Daydreaming

Referring a newborn baby to the Sick Newborn care unit. This is being done by 102 (Mahtari Express ) now. In the past Mahtari Express refused newborns. However now a new issue has arisen- the PHC refers the newborn and the ambulance does not take the mother, whom the PHC keeps. This fulfills the 48 hour admission rule, but disrupts the supply of breast milk, warmth, TLC and so affects the baby- who desperately needs mother’s milk till six months.
Measles vaccination- are we too busy to visit the one or two mothers who reach 9 months post delivery? The vaccine gets given before one year of course. But are we losing the home visit and the human touch?
Diabetes prevalence is low still- only one of 20 Mitanin Trainers in the room had a blood sugar of 198 mg/ 100ml when tested. Everyone was tested using a glucometer, around 2 hours after a meal. And one area had 5 similar newly found suspected hyperglycemics.
What should a type 2 diabetic eat? A sedentary (halka kaam karne wale) worker? Do…

Map Making made easy

At the IAPSM South Central Zone Conference there was a session on GIS Maps. The practical presentations that were shared are given here for those who would like to gain confidence in making maps on their own. If you complete these and want to know more you could write to me at

Using Arc-GIS to make a map online on your computer

You will need a csv file like this one for District Hospitals in Chhattisgarh
Or a zip of the shp file set like this one for Chhattisgarh Districts
Epicollect-5 make a map using your mobile phone

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Health Sub Centres in ArcGIS

You can click on a sub centre to know its name. The map can be enlarged or the size decreased